Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Virginia Beach Rock n' Roll Half 2011

OK , Just registered for my 1st Rock n' Roll series half marathon. Extremely excited!!!!

Oh no, got a problem. . . I cannot get out of my running slump : (

I trained sooooo hard for the Disney half and then afterwards sloooooowwwed down. I ran the Canal Half marathon here in Roanoke Rapids and it kicked my butt!!!!

What to do, what to do? I need someone (0ther than me) to hold me accountable!!!

I am going to the Rock n' roll with a group of folks that are awesome runners, however, they are. . . awesome!!! I SUCK! I hope to finish this half in 2:15, they are hoping under 2:00.
I know I need to run for me, my time, my pace, my race; but it is very hard to get motivated. I have hit a wall. That is WHY I registered for the Rock n' Roll half. MOTIVATION!!!!

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