Thursday, March 31, 2011

Let's do this run!!

Yesterday, I got back on track with my running. I have been running off and on, even ran a half marathon recently, however, have not been very consistent. I had a back injury, a hamstring injury, then had a small surgical procedure of which I will share at a later date but PLEASE TO EVERYONE WEAR SUNSCREEN WHEN YOU RUN!!!! Enough said about that.

Here I am excited about getting back out there!!
Wait a minute! You want me to run on that thing! The dreaded treadmill!

I had my little guy home with me today so no outside running.

At least I had this view outside of my window!

Afterwards, my favorite recovery drink!
Many people are unaware of the benefits of milk let alone chocolate milk. Studies have been done separately on each milk and chocolate, but never in combination. It wasn’t until recently that scientists began to delve into the benefits of chocolate milk versus water or Gatorade after a workout. Athletes such as Michael Phelps drew attention to this at the 2004 Olympics when he was seen to be drinking Carnation chocolate drinks after swims. Studies now show that chocolate milk aids the body in
recovery, most importantly the muscles.
Check out this site about chocolate milk as a recovery drink:

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  1. I hear ya about the sun screen....I have had way to many bad cancer spots removed and know the drill all to well.

    I love chocolate milk and after a run it's the best!