Thursday, June 9, 2011

Things I miss since Melanoma!

Things I miss:

The sun on my face. The feeling of the heat and the bright light causing my eyes to shut.

The feeling of the sun all over my skin and knowing that the end result will be a tan.

Sitting on my dock at LKG watching the kids swim and not thinking about how long I have
been expose to the sun.

Sitting on a float in my cove with the sun on my face playing with my kids, not worried about the sun on my skin.

Sitting on the beach in the sun ( all day).

Building sandcastles in the sun on the beach.

Sitting on the shoreline at the beach in the sun in a really low chair.

Wearing a 2 piece bathing suit in the sun with no worries.

Running in a sports bra with no worries.

Tan lines!

Showering after a day on the beach or on the dock.

Wearing a tank after a day on the beach.

NOT having to wear makeup during the summer because you have a pretty tan face.

The burn of a sun burn after a long day on the beach.

The feeling of getting in a pool after a long day in the sun on the beach.

These things I will never experience again. I am glad to be alive and very lucky to have caught the melanoma early! It is a real eye opener. I am extremely sad these days... my first summer post melanoma, however, I am going to make the best of it and hopefully change things that make me happy.


  1. ((Hugs)).

    Thank you for the reminder not to take things for granted, I know I sometimes do.

  2. Anita, I had no idea!!! BUT I am so so so thankful that you caught it early! This is a big reminder that I am due for a derm appt this month. We do think about these things so much since buying our condo at OKI. Everyone is so exposed to the sunlight for long durations.

    I have often thought the same things as you posted above with the "what ifs". The bottom line though is that you are healthy, and I know that that makes up for sunshine on your face any day.