Sunday, April 10, 2011

GTKY Sunday Edition

Unfortunately, no. I wish I followed the news better, however, I really don't watch that much T.V. during news hours.

2. how would you describe your "look"?

I am just me. My "look" is athletic. Most of the time I am in running clothes and t-shirt with a hat.

3. did you play sports in high school or college?

I ran track for 1 year and was a cheerleader for 9 years

4. would you rather give up lipstick/gloss or high heels?

High heels. Hate them!

5. what's your favorite show to watch on tv?

DWS, American Idol, Modern Family, Cougar Town.

6. would you rather bake or cook?


7. shorts or skirts?

Shorts, unless it is a cute running skirt!

8. what's your favorite scary movie?

Nightmare on Elm Street


  1. I still remember nightmare on elm street and how I didn't sleep for two days after watching :) Happy Sunday!!

  2. this was fun to read! I would much rather bake than cook and I'm with you on the high heels too. Used to wear them all the time until running made them just terrible to wear.

  3. Great list i to would prefer to bake but unfortunately my waist line is not in favor of me baking as much as i would like. :)