Saturday, March 6, 2010




The Boys & Girls Club of Halifax County

March 27, 2010

Timing provided by East Carolina Road Racing (

& Sponsored by The Roanoke Rapids Theatre


The Roanoke Rapids Theatre, 500 Carolina Crossroads Parkway, Roanoke Rapids, NC

Start Time: 8:30am

Entry Fee: $27.00

This is my next planned race. This is one of the 1st races in Roanoke Rapids, NC. I am so excited. I am a newbie runner. I have been running for about 8 months now. I tackled my first run in the Outer Banks at the 8K OBX run. That was a great experience. I plan to run the half-marathon in Walt Disney in 2011. That will be exciting.
Today, I ran 7.5miles in 1hr 12 min. Not too bad for a newbie. I was really hurting with about a mile to go. What keeps me going is knowing that I have a big glass of cold chocolate milk waiting for me at home. I know, the little things!!! Also, another thing that motivates me is that I have lost 12 pounds while running. So excited about that. Never really lost all of the weight from my 3 babies, but I have now. I feel better on the inside and outside. I have alot of support from my husband and my kids. My husband is going to attempt the half in 2011. Not sure when he will begin his training. My kids are going to run the 5k at Disney. Lots of fun and healthy too. I end this post with a quote that sums up WHY I RUN!

I run because it's my passion, and not just a sport. Every time I walk out the door, I know why I'm going where I'm going and I'm already focused on that special place where I find my peace and solitude. Running, to me, is more than just a physical exercise... it's a consistent reward for victory!
Sasha Azevedo

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  1. Good luck! That's a great time on your 7.5 mile run.