Monday, March 1, 2010

Manic Mondays

Yes, it is Monday again. This is the day I normally work until 7pm. I usually do not get home until about 8:30pm. The day begins with craziness of getting the kids up and ready for school, lunches packed, teeth brushed, clothes on , shoes on, back packs on, and finally they are out the door with my dear husband who takes them to school. The craziness ends for about an hour as I sip on a cup of coffee and slow down with my computer. Then I venture to the hospital and transform myself from a wife and mother to a pharmacist. This is a totally different person I become with all new responsibilities. After 9 hours of this "other world", I magically change back into the mommy and pick kids up from the various activities and continue home to become the teacher. Yes, at this point we have to finish and study for any work that has not been done before I get home. I am very obsessed with my kids school work so even if the have completed their work, I still have to check it (even if my dear husband has already done so).
Finally, everyone gets washed up and ready for bed. . . including brushing their teeth. You would think since their daddy is a dentist they would be obsessed with teeth brushing, but no such luck. After the kids finally make it to bed, I now transform into a wife. As, you can see, I cannot multitask. Some nights, I never transform into a wife and go directly to be because I am so mentally exhausted. This all may sound like a stressful way to start a week, and it is at times, but I do it all for my family. I love being a Wife, Mom, Pharmacist. Mondays come only one day a week!

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