Tuesday, December 21, 2010

December 2010 snow!

Growing up, I remember getting at least one big snow a year in Jan. or Feb. We rarely got snow before or during Christmas. For years, my kids had never seen that much snow ( maybe a flurry). The last 2 years we have been lucky to have a big snow here in NC each year, however, never a snow during December. Well, so far this December, it has snowed 4 times here on LKG. I know this is not a big deal and it is not a lot of snow, however, it is so beautiful coming down with all the Christmas decorations hanging around the house. I LOVE IT! It has truly made things for festive around here. Just a couple of photos of our last small snow. It was so beautiful and peaceful. Sat inside with all the Christmas lights on while listening toChristmas music . I would have taken more photos if my battery would not have died : (

This is Ash standing in our backyard looking at the lake. We are not very prepared for snow. She has on sweatpants and rain boots. Oh well, she had fun.

This is a holly tree outside my bedroom window. Not a sight we see often here with snow on the leave. How festive!!

Lastly, this is my Christmas tree in my kitchen. The snow was still coming down over Lake Gaston.


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  1. Hi Anita:
    Just stumbled across your blog. It looks great! Wonderful pictures of your children. Hope you and Todd have a wonderful holiday season!
    Mary Sherwood