Friday, June 4, 2010


Just playing around with my Mac.

Today was the last day of school for my kids. Hip Hip Hooray!!!! My plans this summer, for the first time. Is to take pictures EVERY day of my family as a reminder of how we spent summer 2010. I am Not very good a keeping things organized sooooo. . . I am hoping I will keep this up. I have recently cut my hours at work and will be home more often with the kids. SOOOOO excited!!! I can already tell the difference in my attitude. My 4yr spent the WHOLE week with his mommy!!! We had a blast. Forgot how nice it is to wake up and know that I can stay home with my little one. He is so fun.
Next, I am hopefully getting motivated to train for my fall races. I am not doing any races during summer. TOOOOOO HOT! Tomorrow, I will run the Canal Trail which is 7.3miles. I usually train on the road, however, a group of folks in the area are running there and having a van shuttle us back to the car. Sound fun! I am a little nervous about that long of a run on a trail but, what the heck!. So, I also decided to keep a log (here) on my blog of my running. I have been running since Sept 2009 ( I know I am a newbie) but doing really well. Going to run 10 k Colony Club in Sept, 10 Mile in Oct. at Medoc Mountain, and the best of all the half in Disney in Jan 2011 : )
Ok, so here goes. Let's see if my ADD kicks in and I get side tracked on the adventure.
Have a blast this summer!

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